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Frequently Asked questions

· How many guests can be accommodated?
We have a permit for up to 275 guests. We have enough room for up to 275 guests for both the ceremony and reception/dinner.

· Do you have ample onsite parking?
Yes! We have a large lighted parking lot with ample parking for your guests. Handicap guests have available parking next to the barn for easy access.

· Is there running water and electricity?
Yes, we have running hot & cold water at both wet bars and the kitchen & bathrooms. We have electricity with enough outlets for everyone’s needs.

· Do you have indoor restrooms?
Yes! We have beautiful indoor restrooms for both men and women. They both have hot and cold water, marble sinks, full length mirrors, and automatic towel dispensers. Both are handicapped accessible. These are located right inside the barn for guests’ convenience.

· Is there a dance floor?
Yes, we have multiple areas available that serve as the dance floor. On nice days, the dance floor works well to put out on our covered deck on the back side of the barn. Or the bottom level of our barn has a section that can also be utilized as a dance floor.

· Is there an outdoor sound system?
This will have to be provided by the renter. Most all of the local DJS have the capability to provide this. We have electric access by the outdoor ceremony site.

· When are we open to host events?
We are open to host events starting at the beginning of April thru the end of October.

· When can I come in for a tour?
Tours are by appointment only and are provided year-round, just contact us to schedule your visit! 

· What are your prices?
We can send you out our full brochure & pricing guide. Just fill out an inquiry form from the contact us section on our website or contact us directly and we can send the information to you.

· What is included when we rent the venue for an event? 
Venue rental at Scenic Escape Barn includes tables and chairs for up to 275 guests, chairs and benches for ceremony, trash removal, dessert table, gift table, café lights throughout the barn and outside, head table, two long church pews, sleigh benches, two full wet bars both with fridges and cabinets, three farmhouse benches with tables, huge roof covered deck, bridal suite. BONUS: When you book your full bridal party for hair services at Scenic Escape Salon you’ll receive a complimentary breakfast for all your girls! 

· What additional expenses are there beyond the rental fees?
We require each event to acquire event insurance. 
There is a $500 damage deposit which will be returned within 5 days of event unless there is excessive clean up or damage.
You are responsible for booking your additional vendors such as catering, photography, dj or band, etc. 

· Please explain more about event insurance?
We require you to purchase event liability insurance with a minimum of 1 million dollars liability coverage. A certificate of event insurance is due to Scenic Escape Barn one month (30 days) prior to Renter's event date. If alcohol will be served, the event insurance must cover liability of serving alcohol. Whenever you host a large event at our venue or at any other location, securing event liability insurance is always good to limit your risk and liability.

· Do you only host weddings? What about other events?
We provide an excellent space for all types of gatherings from weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, fundraising and business events, etc.

· Do you provide tables and chairs?
One of the highlights of renting our venue for your event is that we provide tables and chairs for up to 275 guests. Reception seating downstairs includes our wooden farmhouse tables. Reception seating options for the upstairs are 5 foot rounds tables and/or 6ft. and 8 ft. rectangle tables that can be draped with white linens that we will provide. White deluxe folding chairs with white cushions are provided for seating. 

· Do we have to set up the tables and chairs?
No need to set up yourself! We will arrange the tables and chairs per a customized layout that you helped create. We also provide white tablecloths that will be on and ready for your big day! We also take them down, including your ceremony site too. If you need something taking down like the head table after dinner, we do that as well.

· Are the cafe lights always up outside and strung throughout the ceiling of the barn and deck?
Yes, they will always be up so no need to bring your own.
· What type of Ceremony seating do you offer?
We offer a combination of our handmade farmhouse benches and white deluxe folding chairs with cushions for your guests.

· Are the white sheer curtains always up on both big barn doors and on the ceremony arbor?
Yes, they will always be up. If you would like to add some of your own or add color that is fine as well. If you prefer them to be removed that is also an option. Please let us know ahead of time if you have changes regarding the draping. 

· How can I decorate?
One of our brides' favorite amenities at Scenic Escape Barn is that we offer a large variety of decorations, yard games, wheelbarrows, wine barrels, and much more to list here. These extras are available for you to use complimentary as an added bonus! You can also bring your own décor to use as well, but remember to check with us before you make any special purchases, we may already have what you are looking for!

· What hours is the property available on the event day?
Your contract will tell you the specifics for your event date. Generally the venue grounds open at 8:00 in the morning for set up, decorating, and event activities. Music must end at 12:00 midnight or before. Clean-up must be completed and renter and guests must be off the premises by 12:30 A.M.

· Is there someone onsite during the day?
Yes, someone is onsite during your event. We will be present to assist with venue related questions about the grounds or policies, empty trash cans, etc. If you would like a wedding coordinator for your day, you can hire one to assist you.

· Can vehicles be left overnight?
Yes, but all vehicles must be removed from the property on the next day by 10:00 A.M.  

· Can we leave items overnight?
Unless you have a package that allows you to come back the next day, all items must be removed at the end of your event day by the end of the night so we may clean on the next day. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Also, our policy is that everything must be removed from the bridal suite & salon you’re your ceremony begins, (if you need it open longer for any reason please okay this with us ahead of time).

· Is there a place for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready?
Yes! We have a bridal suite that is heated and air-conditioned in the lower level of our house with a separate entrance that is just steps away from the parking lot. We also have a fully licensed salon located right within the bridal suite as well!

· Is there a place for the groom and groomsmen to get ready?
Yes we do. They get their own building that has a pool table and tables & chairs in this spacious area for the guys to hang out and get ready in.

· Where can our ceremony be held?
There are several gorgeous areas to pick from. Our outdoor ceremony sight is located right next to the barn with a beautifully draped, large four post arbor with a small deck/platform. If the weather isn’t ideal or you simply prefer an indoor ceremony, you can be married inside the barn on the upper or lower level. Another great option is on the huge new cedar deck of the back of the barn this also has a roof over head. We have a two post arbor that can be moved to various places for your convenience. Let your imagination run free. We are also in the process of putting up another building(to be completed by Spring of 2019) that will also serve as a backup indoor ceremony site.

· How long can we have music playing?
Music is to end by 12:00 pm midnight or before.

What happens if it rains?
The wedding will carry on, rain or shine. If the weather isn’t ideal or you simply prefer an indoor ceremony, you can be married inside the barn on the upper or lower level. Another great option is on the huge new cedar deck of the back of the barn this also has a roof over head. We have a two post arbor that can be moved to various places for your convenience. Let your imagination run free. We are also in the process of putting up another building(to be completed by Spring of 2019) that will also serve as a backup indoor ceremony site.

· Are our pets allowed at the barn for weddings?
We welcome pets to the barn if you are thinking you would like to incorporate them in your wedding photos or ceremony. Send us an email to get prior approval.

· What do we have to do at the end of the night before we leave?
If you borrowed any decoration or checked out any item from us, please put all the items back in the place you took them out from before leaving in the condition you found them. All personal belongings, decor, and outside rental items must be packed up and removed from the property. The Bridal Room needs to be cleared of all personal items before ceremony begins. Tables, chairs and other furniture items can be left in place. We will clean, just make sure the trash gets in the cans.

· What is your cake-cutting fee?
We do not charge a cake-cutting fee.  

· Do you have a secure room for my belongings and gifts?
If you have rented out the barn for the day following your ceremony and are going to do the present opening here as well, we do have a locked room for gifts provided. If not, please use your car for any valuables. We suggest right after dinner to pull your car up to the front of the barn and load up your gifts and cards.

· Do you have any locations nearby for taking photographs?
In addition to our historic farm with tons of space to take plenty of wonderful diverse shots, you could go to into the nearby town of Henderson that is just minutes away from our venue. It is a gorgeous historic picturesque little town located in the heart of the Minnesota river valley. The river flows right thru main street. You can also take tons of great photos right behind us at our beautiful county park located less than a mile from our venue!

· Do you work exclusively with a Caterer?
Yes, we work exclusively with Chef Craig’s Catering out of Arlington, MN. They are a local caterer that have been in the business for several years and have several options and are amazing! Please ask us for their menu and pricing options.

· What are my vendor options?
We have a list of preferred vendors we can give you, just ask!

· Who will serve alcohol?
We allow our renters to offer their guests open bar during their event. You may either buy your own alcohol and hire a bartender to provide the drinks to your guests, or hire an alcohol service or a licensed bartender. No alcohol sales are allowed on the property without a proper liquor license(by hiring a licensed bartending service).

Accommodations and transportation for guests
· Are any hotel/camping accommodations nearby?
Yes, there are hotel options nearby. The closest are HomeTown Inn & Suites (roughly 10 miles) in Belle Plaine and Americ-Inn (roughly 20 miles) in St. Peter. Both allow room blocks to be reserved for your guests. 

· Do you allow RVs and camping onsite?
Unfortunately, we are NOT licensed or allowed to have guests camp at our location. However, if you are interested in camping, High Island Creek Park is less than a mile from our property. Camping there is complimentary, but donations are recommended. See the Sibley County website for more information on this park and the camping guidelines there. 

· Do you suggest we provide our guests with transportation? It is best if you provide your guests safe and trouble free travel from their hotel to and from your event. We have a few shuttle options to choose from on our vendor list that we have worked with and provide great service. There are lots of companies in our area that provide transportation so should one be booked there are definitely more options to choose from. 

· What Should I wear as a guest to an event?
Wedding Attire should be chosen based on the formality of the bride and grooms invitation. Some events are more casual than others, if you are still unsure you can always ask! Most ceremonies and other events are held outdoors, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Shoes are important! We would highly recommend not wearing spike heels. Flats, wedges, boots and anything like that, work better on the multiple surfaces on the property. The outdoor spaces terrain consists of gravel, grass and cement. Inside the barn is cement and wood floors

· How can my elderly or disabled family member get around on the property?
The Ceremony site is very close to the barn for everyone’s convenience. Bathrooms are right in the barn as well. No need to go far! Please make us aware of any special needs your guests may have and we will do our best to assist them to make their visit as easy and stress free as possible. 

· Can guests smoke on the property?
Our barn and other buildings are smoke-free for the safety of our buildings. We do have a couple of designated smoking areas outside that have cigarette receptacles. This is the only permitted area for people to smoke.

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